California State University Faculty Activity Report for
Charles F. Urbanowicz
For the period: July 1, 2000 through June 30, 2001

1 October 2001

Dr. Charles F. Urbanowicz/Professor of Anthropology
California State University, Chico
Chico, California 95929-0400
(530-898-6220 [Office]; 530-898-6192 [Dept.] FAX: 530-898-6824)
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I. Teaching & Contributions to Student Development/Other Primary Work Assignment


Charles F. Urbanowicz


October 2, 2001



Highest Degree:

Ph.D. 1972





T/Track App:

Aug 1975

Years as Professor:

19 (since 1982)

Time Base:

Academic Year

Salary Range:

Prof 5/Step 15->16

Eligible for SSI:


I. A. In fall 2000, taught the following courses (with enrollments & times indicated):

ANTH 13-01

Human Cultural Diversity

MWF (67)

AYRS 106 (10->10:50a)

ANTH 296 / 296H

History of Theory/Method

MWF (17)

BUTTE 319 (3->4:15p)

In spring 2001, taught the following courses (with enrollments & times indicated):

ANTH 13-01

Human Cultural Diversity

Tu + Th (97)

GLENN 212: 12:30->1:45p

ANTH 13-02

Human Cultural Diversity.

Tu + Th (45)

BUTTE 319 (2->3:15p)

ANTH 296 / 296H

History of Theory/Method

Tu + Th (17)

BUTTE 319 (3:30->4:45p)

B. A summary of the data available in the College of Behavioral and Sciences for the Spring 2001 SET [Student Evaluation of Teaching] indicates that students continue to regard me as a "Superior" or "Very Good" teacher. In SET-Part I, students were asked to respond to ten statements as follows: "Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree, or Does Not Apply." The majority of students responded with "Strongly Agree" [SA], or "Agree" [A]. The statements were: #1: The syllabus explains course requirements; #2: My overall knowledge of the subject matter has increased due to the instruction of this course; #3: The instructor presents the material in an understandable way; #4: The instructor is well prepared for class; #5: The instructor follows the course syllabus; #6: The instructor is available during office hours; #7: The course assignments contribute to learning; #8: The instructor gives appropriate feedback; #9: The instructor communicates high expectations for student achievement; and #10: The instructor monitors student learning throughout the course.

ANTH 13-01
ANTH 13-02
ANTH 296

#1.... Syll / Course Req.

74% = SA + 18% = A
68% = SA + 32% = A
86% = SA + 14% = A

#2....Overall knowledge

60% = SA + 34% = A
47% = SA + 47% = A
57% = SA + 36% = A

#3....Instructor / material

50% = SA + 28% = A
47% = SA + 32% = A
57% = SA + 36% = A

#4....Inst. well-prepared

80% = SA + 18% = A
68% = SA + 32% = A
79% = SA + 21% = A

#5....Inst. folllows syll.

74% = SA + 24% = A
58% = SA + 42% = A
79% = SA + 14% = A

#6....Inst. avail. Off. Hrs.

40% = SA + 22% = A
32% = SA + 37% = A
79% = SA + 7% = A

#7....Assignments / Learn.

50% = SA + 34% = A
37% = SA + 42% = A
64% = SA + 21% = A

#8....Inst. gives Feedback

50% = SA + 26% = A
26% = SA + 53% = A
57% = SA + 43% = A

#9....Comm. High Expec.

50% = SA + 34% = A
47% = SA + 47% = A
64% = SA + 36% = A

#10...Inst. Monitors St Le

38% = SA + 26% = A
37% = SA + 32% = A
50% = SA + 50% = A

The "open-ended" responses for SET-Part II ("#1: "What did your instructor do to make this class a good learning experience for you?" and #2: "What could your instructor do in the future to make this a better class?") have numerous positive written responses including: "Stay the same, I learned a lot, cares, consistently prepared, and he's the best professor I've had so far!" For question #3 on SET-Part II the following was asked: "How do you rate the overall quality of teaching in this class? Circle one" and the options were "Superior, Very Good, Adequate, Minimally Acceptable, and Unacceptable. For ANTH 13-01, 46% of the students circled "Superior" and 41% circled "Very Good." For ANTH 13-02, 16% of the students circled "Superior" and 55% circled "Very Good." For ANTH 296, 53% of the students circled "Superior" and 38% circled "Very Good." All-of-the above is consistent with the FAR/FMI [Faculty Merit Increase] information submitted on October 2, 2000 (for 7/1/1999 to 6/30/2000).

C. Changes in Teaching: The classroom environment includes information from videos, the Internet, Power Point, Slides, and the WWW; the ANTH 13 Guidebook is updated over the semester. Web-based "self-tests" have been created for students.

D. Responsibilities: Serve as Minor Advisor and serve on the Graduate Committee.

E. Other: "Course Link" in fall 2000 of ANTH 13 with ENGL 1, and UNIV 001. 

II. Scholarly/Creative Activities and Professional Development/Practice

2001a (The Past, Present, And Future[s]: Part II. For the City of Chico Management Team, Chico, Ca. June 28, 2001.)

2001b (The Past, Present, And Future[s]. For SIR 110 [Sons In Retirement], Chico, CA. June 25, 2001.)

2001c (A Few Mark Beal Specifics.) For the CSU, Chico Summer 2001 Court Theatre Memories and More (Sixth Annual Benefit Performance, June 10, 2001).

2001d (On Mark A. Beal._ For the CSU, Chico Summer 2001 Court Theatre Memories and More.

2001e (Review of Victorian Sensation: The Extraordinary Publication, Reception, and Secret Authorship of Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation, by James A. Secord [2000], Configurations (Georgia)

2001f (CSU, Chico ANTH 13, Self-Test #3 for Exam III).

2001g Charles Darwin: - Part Two: The Voyage, ~Twenty-two Minute Instructional Videotape (Edited by Ms. Vilma Hernandez and Produced by Donna Crowe: Instructional Media Center, CSU, Chico) [available via the Internet with a REAL PLAYER]..

2001h (For CSU, Chico PHIL [Philosophy] 108, Ethics And Human Happiness, at CSU, Chico, April 30.)

2001i (For the CSU, Chico Spring 2001 production of The Miss Firecracker Contest, Directed by Professor Sue Pate, April 3-8.)

2001j (CSU, Chico ANTH 13, Self-Test #2 for Exam II).).

2001k (Words Concerning Charles R. Darwin, for the Chico Museum Getty Tour, March 21-24).

2001l (For the Redding, California, Chamber of Commerce Luncheon meeting on March 12, 2001).

2001m (March 5} Narrative for a CSU Research Proposal Application for Spring 2002 [Note} Not funded.]).

2001n (For the Monthly Lecture Series, The Museum of Anthropology, CSU, Chico, March 4).

2001o (For the 7th grade "Life Science" class of Ms. Tiana Scott, Maywood Middle School, Corning, CA, February 28).

2001p The Galápagos Islands: Every Little Bit Helps. The Chico Enterprise-Record, Sun, Feb 25 (pp E1+2E2); see:

2001q (CSU, Chico ANTH 13, Self-Test #1 for Exam I).

2001r (For CSU, Chico GEOS [Geosciences] 154, on February 8.)

2001s (CSU, Chico ANTH 13, Human Cultural Diversity, Spring 2001).

2001t (CSU, Chico ANTH 296/296H, Proseminar, Spring 2001).

2000a Review of The War Of Dreams: Studies in Ethno Fiction (1999) by Marc Augé (translated by Liz Herron). Anthropology And Humanism, December 2000. [See:]

2000b Review of Unto Others: The Evolution And Psychology of Unselfish Behavior by Elliott Sober and David Sloan Wilson (1999); for Metapyschology--Mental Health Net . [See]

2000c (CSU, Chico ANTH 13, Self-Test #3 for Exam III).

2000d Teaching As Theatre: Some Classroom Ideas, Specifically Those Concerning Charles R. Darwin (1809-1882) for the 99th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, San Francisco, CA (November 15-19).

2000e (Charles Darwin-Related Visuals Only) [November 10]).

2000f (2000, South American Visuals Only [November 3]).

2000g (CSU, Chico ANTH 13, Self-Test #2 for Exam II).

2000h Charlie on Darwin (For the 26 October combined CELT [Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching] and Anthropology Forum Presentation at CSU, Chico (

2000i South American Research: Words [with Sadie Urbanowicz]. (For the 6 October 2000 AAUW [American Association of University Women] Meeting in Chico, CA).

2000j California State University Faculty Activity Report (for July 1, 1999 to June 30, 2000 [].

2000k (For CSU, Chico ANTH 138, Culture and Tourism, September 20).

2000l (ANTH 13, Self-Test #1 for Exam I).

2000m (CSU, Chico ANTH 13, Human Cultural Diversity, Fall 2000).

2000n (CSU, Chico ANTH 296/296H, Proseminar, Fall 2000). 

B. Work in Progress:

in press Gambling Into The 21st Century. The Anthropology Of Tourism: Hosts And Guests in the 20th Century, 3rd ed., V. Smith, Editor (NY: Cognizant Comm. Corp.)

in press (Review of Biology, Evolution, and Human Nature, by Timothy H. Goldsmith and William F. Zimmerman [2001, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.] for Quarterly Review of Biology.

in press Teaching As Theatre. Tricks For Teaching Anthropology, edited by P. Rice & D. McCurdy (NJ: Prentice-Hall).

C. Other: Research (July 2000) in the Galápagos Islands as well as Ecuador and Perú (Machu Picchu). On-going interest in tracking the web pages that reference my web-work [see:]. 

III. University & Community Service

Over 2000->2001, was a member of the following Department Committees: Graduate, Personnel, and Student Outcome Assessment; also Minor Advisor. Member of the University-wide WWW Guidelines Committee; re-appointed to the University-wide FRAS [Faculty Recognition And Support] Committee for 1999->2001. Active professionally and am an active scholar and take part in campus and community activities; served as dramaturg for the Spring 2001 campus production of The Miss Firecracker Contest (April 3-8, 2001), directed by Dr. Sue Pate. Presentation at the Summer 2001 Court Theatre Sixth Annual Benefit Performance (Memories and More) on June 10, 2001. 

IV. Special Accomplishments & Other Activities Not Included Above

Awarded .20 AWTU [Assigned Weighted Teaching Units] in Fall 2000 by CELT [Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching] to work with TLP [Technology and Learning Program] on Charles Darwin; this release time also allowed me to work with Meriam Library Personnel (fall 2000) on "digitizing" personal slides and making them available for student use (see:

I attest that the information provided in this report is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.

/s/ Charles F. Urbanowicz _______________________ DATE: October 1, 2001

# # #

V. Special Addition to this web-page FAR

The following was added to this web page when I re-read the words of Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892-1950): "It is not true that life is one damn thing after another. It's one damn thing over and over." More space was available on this page since there were restrictions placed on submitting the signed original FAR form as pointed out in Appendix F: "In no more than four (4) typewritten pages using 12-point type and one-inch margins, provide information on your activities, contributions, and accomplishments in the following areas, for the period covered by this report."

I have been a member of the faculty since August 1973 and in preparing the 4-page FAR (and this web page) and going through my records, I have decided that I continue to be happy with what I do. In looking back on my "Self-Evaluation" dated December 1981 (submitted when I was being considered for promotion to Professor and while I was the Associate Dean in The Center for Regional and Continuing Education) I made the following statement (and was promoted to Professor in 1982):

"As my Student Evaluation of Faculty (SEF) forms would appear to indicate, I could be considered at least an Effective teacxher; and, indeed, a reading of the computerized & normed information and written student comments could possibly suggest that I could possibly be considered a Superior teacher. If it may simply be stated, the fact is that I truly enjoy teaching: I enjoy the experience of 'sharing knowledge' (such as it is) and I enjoy the experiences (the give-and-take) of the classroom experience."

Recognized by my colleagues as one of the five "Master Teachers" (1997-1999) at California State University, Chico, my 1981 words are still true in 2001. I continue to be happy with what I do.

# # #

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