Darwin Evolves: Multimedia (Videotape+) For Instructional Purposes.


Charlie Urbanowicz, Anthropology
Donna Crowe, Instructional Media Center
Kathy Fernandes, Technology and Learning Program
California State University, Chico, California
7 November 1996

A. Urbanowicz the Anthropologist.
B. Crowe the Media Production Specialist (Writer/Producer/Co-director).
C. Fernandes the Technology and Learning Expert.
D. And Clark Brandstatt, another Media Production Specialist and Co-director.
E. And Martha AcuÒa the Costume Shop Manager and Design Genius!
F. And Chris Ficken the Graphics Wizard!
G. And Randy Wonzong the Theatre Authority!
H. And the voice of Lynn Elliot and many others!
I. And modest funding from CELT/Office of the Provost for the April 1996 videotaping!
J. Truly, a teamwork and collaborative effort!

A. British naturalist/scientist (1809-1882).
B. On The Origin Of Species} Evolution by Natural Selection.
C. Exploration + Enlightenment + Evolution = Anthropology!

A 19th Century genius.
B. British Isles + Round-the-world-voyage & the Galapagos Islands.
D. Down (Kent, England)/Wesminster Abbey.

A. Slides and transparencies & multimedia precursors.
B. October 1990 "Appearance" on campus (Urbanowicz paper in MLIB).
C. January 1991 trip to England.
D. February 1993 Videotape via (then) ITFS out of MLIB 27B.
E. Recent web paper (http://www.csuchico.edu/~curban/Darwin/DarwinSem-S95.html).
F. Chico Anthropological Society Papers.
G. April 1996 studio production and Urbanowicz as Darwin!
H. Digitized "Quick Time Movie" for the web.

A. Work-in-progress on twenty-minute videotapes for campus use.
B. CD-Rom and self-paced instruction and....
C. Grant Submission[s]: The Gal·pagos and England and....?!
D. The year 2009: Bicentennial of Darwin's birth and Sesquicentennial of On The Origin of Species.
E. Alphabet Soup} P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, and W!!

This presentation deals with the ideas of Charles R. Darwin (1809-1882) in a contemporary multimedia format. Although dead some 114 years, Darwin's ideas continue to have an impact in numerous areas of contemporary thought, from Anthropology and "Evolutionary Psychology" to the world of business (James F. Moore, 1996, The Death Of Competition: Leadership & Strategy In The Age Of Business Ecosystems). Indeed, Frank J. Sulloway (former MacArthur Fellow) makes Darwin the central character of his 1996 best-seller Born To Rebel: Birth Order, Family Dynamics, and Creative Lives and he ends his 635 page tome (fully one-third being Appendices and Notes) with the following: "The best way of understanding creative genius is through the remarkable insights that Darwin's own theories provide about the human mind" (1996: 456). Howard Gardner, another MacArthur Fellow, also used Darwin as a prime example in his own 1996 publication entitled The Eight Human Intelligences.

The rationale for the creation of DARWIN EVOLVES was an attempt to convey the context and impact of Darwin's ideas to contemporary University students and help them (and others) understand that impact. In many respects, it is an attempt through the use of multimedia to convey what Freeman Dyson wrote about Albert Einstein in the 1996 publication (by Alice Calaprice) entitled The Quotable Einstein: "This book shows him as he was--not a superhuman genius but a human genius, and all the greater for being a human being" (1996: xiii).

Today's Anthropology Forum presentation discusses the ideas and techniques concerning (a) knowledge, knowledge-making, and creativity, (b) delivering effective lectures (utilizing the specifically-made videotapes), (c) the importance of faculty-staff research activities, (d) conveying the amount-of-time and teamwork which is necessary for such a project, (e) the post-production editing, and, finally, (f) a discussion of the goal to convert the content of our special purpose video program into an interactive CD-ROM. We all need to make the time for teaching, learning, and playing (and/or TLP) and ending with the words of Goethe (1749-1832) we write: "One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it is possible, to speak a few reasonable words." Another way to think of multimedia?

For references, please consult the above-mentioned Urbanowicz paper entitled "Charles R. Darwin" (1990) in The Meriam Library as well as the recent "paper" on the web and the Chico Anthropological Society Papers. Type in "Darwin" in the Library catalog (and see the 100s of references) or go to "the web" and using something like Alta Vista see the 1000s of Darwin references out there (including a DARWIN-L).

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