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18 May 2004 [1] 

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"This great classic of American musical theatre by Wasserman, Leigh, and Darion is a favorite for all the right reasons. Directed by Randy Wonzong, Department of Theatre Arts, Man of La Mancha is a heart-warming story with memorable characters and music. The characters, all based on Cervantes' novel, Don Quixote, are wonderfully brought to life in a story that has comedy, drama, and--best of all--genuine and touching emotion. For those who long for a musical theatre experience filled with laughter, tears, character, and song, Man of La Mancha is your show. This musical 'adds a measure of grace to the world.'" [from:]

Directed by Randy L. Wonzong. Musical Direction by Kyle Wiley Pickett. Presented by the Department of Theatre Arts & Music.





Miguel de Cervantes (Don Quixote and Alonso Quijana)

Beau Hirshfield

Aldonza (Dulcinea)

Ashley Monroe

Man Servant (Sancho Panza)

Marcus Sams

The Governor (Dr. Carrasco and Knight of the Mirrors)

David McCormick

The Duke

David Clyne

The Padre

David Deuel

Innkeeper (Guard and Knight of the Mirrors)

Justin Jeffers

The Barber (Gypsy and Knight of the Mirrors)

Bryan Zoppi


Sara St. Pierre


Marie K. Walsh


Maeve Martin

The Muleteers:


Michael Biggs II


Zac Yurkovic


Kevin Marr

Juan (Guard)

Rob Kayson

Paco (Gypsy)

Vincent Laune


John Reynolds

Quixote's Horse

Shelli Rowing

Sancho's Mule

Kate E. Babb

Fermina (Gypsy)

Katie Brown

Officer of the Guard

John Reynolds

Gypsy (Prisoner)

C. Alejandra Carrasquel

Gypsy (Prisoner)

Gina Karpenko


Spain at the end of the 16th century. A prison in the city of Seville And various places in the imagination of Miguel de Cervantes.

Produced by special arrangement with, and music and dialogue Material furnished by, Tams-Witmark Music Library.


Act I



Man of La Mancha

Don Quixote, Sancho

It's All the Same

Aldonza, The Muleteers


Don Quixote, The Muleteers

I'm Only Thinking of Him

Antonia, Padre, Housekeeper, Dr. Carrasco

The Missive


I Really Like Him


What Does He Want of Me


Little Bird, Little Bird

The Muleteers, Don Quixote

The Barber's Song

The Barber

Golden Helmet of Mambrino

Don Quixote, Barber, Sancho, Muleteers

To Each His Dulcinea


Act II



The Impossible Dream

Don Quixote

The Dubbing


Knight of the Woeful Contenance

Innkeeper, Aldonza, Sancho

Reprise: The Impossible Dream

Don Quixote

Reprise: Man of La Mancha

Don Quixote

Gypsy Dance

Gypsies, Don Quixote, Sancho



A Little Gossip


Reprise: Dulcinea


Reprise: The Impossible Dream

Don Quixote, Aldonza

Reprise: Man of La Mancha

RDon Quixote, Sancho, Aldonza

The Psalm



Full Company




Heidi Lohse


Susie Lundberg


Nora Thomas


Bruce Finch


Nick Froehlich, Cory Dearborn


Sara Clerk, Ray Injerd


Paul Desilva


Dan Kinkle, Eric Markow


Warren Haskell


Mike DiTrolio




Randy L. Wonzong

Musical Director

Kyle Wiley Pickett

Scenic/Lighting Designer

Jaye Beetem

Costume Designer

Gail Holbrook

Makeup Designer

Nancy Munoz

Sound Designer

Adam Harr

Properties Designer

Allison Ward


Michael Biggs II

Rehearsal Accompanist

Jeffrey Childs

Assistant Director

Cassie Bradshaw

Assistant Costume Designer

Cindy Nava


Michelle Turner

Dance Captain

David Clyne

Poster Design

Jamie Knight



Production Manager

Michael Johnson

Faculty Set Design Supervisor

J. Marty Gilbert

Faculty Costume/Makeup Design Supervisor

Gail Holbrook

Faculty Lighting Design Supervisor

Jaye Beetem

HFA/School of the Arts Publicist

J. Paul DiMaggio

Man of La Mancha Student Publicist

Theresa Newell

HFA/School of the Arts Publicity Assistant

Brynna Bryant

Poster/Flyer Distribution

Cindi Meeks

Scene Shop Foreman/Technical Director

Pete Austin

Scenic Artist

David Beasley

Costume Shop Foreman

Sandra Barton

Assistant Costume Shop Foreman

Ruth Palmerlee

Properities Supervisors

Allison H. Ward, Denice Burbach, Katie Brown

University Box Office Coordinator

Michelle Angela

CSU, Chico Arts Events Web Page

J. Paul DiMaggio

Department of Theatre Arts Chair

William J. Johnson



Stage Manager

Crystal J. Wolfe

Assistant Stage Manager

Donya J. Walling

Assistant Stage Manager

Amanda MaKieve

Deck Manager

Steve Remund

Light Board Operator

John Cavellini

Sound Board Operator

Adam Harr

Prop Crew

Casey Chell, Emily Rutherford

Follow Spot

Patrick Gateley, Andrew Graham

Fly Crew

David Kenworthy

Wardrobe Crew

Yumi Ichikawa, Jennifer Pfeifer, Whitney Breite

Make-up Crew

Lindsey Savko, Sean Doughty, Lee Holcomb, Leigh-Ann Swan, Camille Ruja

Costume Shop Crew

Rachel Barton, Karla Gilbert, Samantha Mora, Cindy Nava, Lacey Prince, Ellen Wilcox

Assistants to the Scenic/Lighting Designer

John Cavellini, Michelle Baker,Gina Karpenko

Master Electrician

Steve Remund


Andrew Graham, Robert Williams


Tyler Bennet, Rich Matli, Beau Hirshfield, Dusty Kimura,David McCormick, Kazuhiro Umemoto, Bryan Zoppi

Properties Master

Allison Ward

Properties Artisans

Denice Burbach, Katie Brown

Special thanks to Sarah Myles for her help with the "Gypsy Dance."

Funded in part by Instructionally Related Activities Fees.

A Last Program Note...

Thirty years ago this month I walked into Laxson Auditorium for the first time, during my interview for the job from which I am now retiring. It has been a great three decades, and in that time I have been able to work with a lot of talented people in directing a very wide range of comedies, dramas, and musicals. At one point in Man of La Mancha, Quixote is asked why he does what he does. His answer is one I could use to explain what I hoped for in much of my own theatre work here: "To add some measure of grace to the world." I would need ten programs worth of space to thank all the staff, students, and colleagues who worked with me through the years and who helped make what has been for me a very rewarding career. But I do need to thank the one person who has sat next to me for every one of the sixty-five productions I have done in Chico, my own Dulcinea, my wife Jan. Thirty years is a pretty good run, and now I promise to do what I always tell my actors to do: "Take your bows and get off the stage." -- Randy Wonzong..




Randy L. Wonzong (Director).

Amanda MaKieve (Assistant Stage Manager), Randy L. Wonzong, Crystal K. Wolfe (Stage Manager), Donya J. Walling (Assistant Stage Manager).
Crystal J. Wolfe.

Donya J. Walling and Amanda MaKieve.
Steve Remund (Deck Manager and Master Electrician).

Beau Hirshfield (Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote/Alonso Quijana), Ashley Monroe (Aldonza/Dulcinea), and Marcus Sams (Man Servant/Sancho Panza).


The curtain from the auditorium.
The curtain from the stage.

The view into Laxson Auditorium from the stage.

A prison in the city of Seville in 16th century Spain.
The stable?


The Mule and the Horse.
Kate E. Babb (Sancho's Mule) and Shelli Rowing (Don Quixote's Horse).

Jennifer Pfeifer (Wardrobe Crew), Casey Chell (Prop Crew), and Emily Rutherford (Prop Crew).
Whitney Breite (Wardrobe Crew), Emily Rutherford, and Alexis Moran (Wardrobe Crew).

David Kenworthy (Fly Crew).
Patrick Gateley (Follow Spot).

David McCormick (The Governor, Dr. Carrasco, and Knight of the Mirrors).
Maeve Martin (Maria).

Katie Brown (Fermina and Gypsy).
Rob Kayson (Guard and Juan, a Muleteer).

Kevin Marr (Jose, a Muleteer).
Kate E. Babb (Prisoner and also Sancho Panza's Mule).

Sara St. Pierre (Antonia), David Deuel (The Padre), and Marie K. Walsh (Housekeeper).


Gina Karpenko (Gypsy and Prisoner), Katie Brown (Gypsy and Fermina), and C. Alejandra Carrasquel (Gypsy and Prisoner).

Bryan Zoppi, Gina Karpenko, Marcus Sams, Beau Hirshfield, C. Alajandra Carrasquel, Katie Brown, and Vincent Laune.

Michael Biggs II (Pedro, a Muleteer) also Choreographer.
Beau Hirshfield (Miguel de Cervantes) and David McCormick (Knight of the Mirrors).

Marie K. Walsh (Housekeeper), David Deuel (The Padre), Sara St. Pierre (Antonia), Beau Hirshfield (Miguel de Cervantes), and David McCormick (Dr. Carrasco).

FRONT ROW: Marcus Sams (Sancho Panza), Beau Hirshfield (Don Quixote), and Bryan Zoppi (The Barber); BACK ROW: Zac Yurkovic (Anselmo), Kevin Marr (Jose), Vince Laune (Paco), Michael J. Bigg II (Pedro), Rob Kayson (Juan), and John Reynolds (Fernando).

Marie K. Walsh (Housekeeper), David Deuel (The Padre), Marcus Sams (Sancho Panza), Beau Hirshfield (Miguel de Cervantes/Quixote), Ashley Monroe (Aldonza/Dulcinea), Sara St. Pierre (Antonia), and David McCormick (Dr. Carrasco).

The Lance of Don Quixote, Man of La Mancha.


Allison H. Ward (Properties Designer, Properties Supervisor and Properties Master).
Denice Burbach (Properties Supervisor and Properties Artisan).
John Cavellini (Light Board Operator).


Sancho Panza's "Unlimited Luggage Box!"
The "real" prop box.


Wardrobe Box.


Jeffrey Childs (Rehearsal Accompanist).

Randy Wonzong leads his cast in some vocal warmups.

The path to the stage and "places" after warmups.

Photo of Randy Wonzong by Tom Angel, Chico News & Review, May 6, 2004 (Courtesy of the Chico News & Review).

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Roger H. Aylworth, May 7, 2004, Theater professor leaves on high note with Man of La Mancha. The Chico Enterprise-Record.Review. [Chico News and Review, May 6, 2004}Ernst Schoene-René, A Wonzong in my heart] [The Orion} May 5, 2004, Helene Hogue, La Manch Marks History]

Wonzong happy with 30 years of accomplishments in theater arts department. April 29, 2004, The Buzz (of the Chico Enterprise Record).

Man of La Mancha: Wonzong's swan song. Inside Chico State, April 29, 2004.

# # #


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