Costs (2011 Conference Costs are Forthcoming!)


Registration fees for the conference are $30.


The highly competitive SJOZC Fishing Derby entrance fee is $10.

James Chatters presenting


The Eagle Lake field station fees include meals and dorm style accommodations at $65.00 per person per day. For those with “Silver Back” status the cabin rates are $85.00 per person per day. 

Everybody eating breakfast in the mess hall


The Eagle Lake field Station requires a 50% deposit 30 days prior to arrival or upon booking if less than 30 days prior to the event. The deposits are non refundable 7 days prior to arrival. The balance is due upon day of departure. You can pay in full beforehand if you wish.

Nette Martinez taking a break


Please mail deposits or full payments to Deanna:


Deanna N. Grimstead

Department of Anthropology

The University of Arizona
1009 E. South Campus Drive
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0030 U.S.A.
Frank Jay and Jack gazing into the distance
Download printable conference flyer here