Student worksheets:


Jigsaw Dictation

         Do whatever pre-speaking activities are necessary for the class to understand the general idea of the passage and do whatever language work you think is advisable.   For this short poem, for instance, knowing what solitude means is quite crucial.

         Read the passage once, making sure that the general meaning of the text is clear to the students.  Then, arrange the students in pairs, distributing the Speaker A version of the text to one member of each pair and the Speaker B version of the text to the other. 

         Read the text again a little more slowly, letting the students fill in what they can.

         Now comes the speaking part.  Have the students take turns dictating their parts to each other until they complete their texts. This stage involves both students taking turns alternately speaking and then listening carefully.  

         Take care that the students read their parts to each other, rather than just read what is on their partner's papers. 



There now, from

         where the first crumb

Falls from the table

You think no one hears it

As it hits the floor.