Jan. 1

Saitan-sai. The first ceremony of the New Year

Feb. 3

Setsubun-sai Mamemaki-Shinji (the day before the official opening of Spring on the old calendar). Bean-throwing Festival

Feb. 21

Kinen-sai. Ceremony praying for a good harvest before the rice is planted. Celebrated at the main shrine in Japan

Feb. 21

Yakuyoke-taisai. Ceremony for men attaining the ages of 25 and 42, and for women attaining the ages 19 and 33)

April 11

Shunki-Taisai. Spring ceremony

May 19

Chinza-Taisai. Tsubaki America's anniversary ceremony


UUA General Assembly. Tsubaki America presentation.

June 30

Nagoshi-no-Oharae. Great Purification Ceremony

Oct. 6

Syuki-Taisai ( Fall ceremony )

Nov. 15

Hichi-Go-San-Sai (celebration for boys when they are three years old and five, for girls when they are three years old and when they are seven.)

Dec. 8

Oharai-siki. Great Purification Ceremony and Mochi-tsuki. Rice Cake-making Ceremony)

Other events

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