Shinto ceremony and Japanese life by Tetsuji Ochiai

Purification ceremony at Oroville

Chinza-sai ( Shinto ceremony)

DOWA THT America INC. fire ceremony

Tamalpais Aikido-dojo purification ceremony

Tsubaki Grand Shrine and The New Year's Celebrations (1997)

Garden shrine dedicated in Canada

New year of Gilroy Yamato shrine in Gilroy Hot Spring

Tsubaki conducts enshrinement ceremony in Colorado

Seven/Five/Three Explanation

Car blessed for Stockton couple

Tsubaki priests bless house, business in El Cerrito By Mark Hobt

New year's in Stockton

Shubatsu Fall Ceremony


Tenth anniversary celebration attracts 130 visitors

Eleventh Anniversary ceremony

2000th Anniversary

A Brief History of Tsubaki Grand Shrine: In celebration of the 2000th Anniversary of Its Founding

Spiritual Exercises

Spiritual Exercises in Shinto


An insider's view of the ceremony By Rev. Koichi Barrish

An American religionist experiences Shinto by Rev. Richard Boeke

A Lesson from Japan in the Year of Hiroshima 50 by Rev. Richard Boeke

Four Spiritual Practices: Waterfall, Mirror, Walking, Giving by Rev. Richard Boeke

Hiroshima Peace Memorial by Rev. Richard Boeke

Archbishop Speaks on Interfaith Dialogue by Rev. Richard Boeke

Tsubaki's grand birthday party By Dr. Delmer Brown

Tsubaki America director translates article by chief priest --Consoling and Remembering by Prof. Delmer Brown

Starr King Scholar's report by Mr. Mark Hobt

The papacy, Shinto, and Age by Professor Stuart D.B. Picken

Older than the papacy by Professor Stuart D.B. Picken

Japanese Language and the Sacred by Prof. George Williams

Teaching about Shinto in America : Getting Started by Prof. George Williams

Teaching about Shinto II by Prof. George Williams

Teaching about Shinto: A look at some resources by Prof. George Williams

News (Old)

Chief priest heads IARF planning and other News (1998)

Williams to Receive Second Honorary Doctorate

Dr. Delmer Brown Receives Medal from Japanese Government.

Congratulations from Dr. Yukitaka Yamamoto

Shinto and Ecology

Sensei Koichi Barrish visits Tsubaki America

New Priest Will Come from Tsubaki Grand Shrine in Japan

Calendar: Tsubaki America, Stockton (old)

Shinto and computers: Ancient and Modern Quest for the Sacred in the Land of the Kami


29th IARF Congress in Korea

1996 IARF Congress in Korea: The Agony and the Ecstasy, by Rev. Richard Boeke

Yamamoto Guji's Speech at IARF


Japanese Life


Shinto Glossary

Talks and Writings of Rev. Yukitaka Yamamoto

Words from Guji

Door to 2001 has opened By Dr. Yukitaka Yamamoto

Tsubaki America director translates article by chief priest --Consoling and Remembering by Prof. Delmer Brown

New Format of Tsubaki News

Greeting at the Eighth Anniversary Ceremony by Rev. Yukitaka Yamamoto

The Word of February: The mind of Shinto. by Rev. Yukitaka Yamamoto