Wolfe Lab
CSU Chico, Holt 335

Lab Members

Bill, Bethany, and Gordon

Dr. Gordon Wolfe

Graduate Students

Juan Napoles

Undergraduate Students

Ryan Berrymann
Rick Schulken
Billie Reeder
Bill Erlendson

Past Students
Bethany Dorin

Nicole Huber

Marni Merrill
Patty Brown
Matt Eltgroth
John Hein

Paul Kirk
Kelly Ottone
Mary Ellen Sanders
Robin Watwood

Molecular facilities include all aspects of rDNA work, beginning with a beadbeater machine for DNA extraction and a custom-built spectrofluorometer for highly sensitive DNA quantitation (with Molecular Probes' PicoGreen dye). Thermal cyclers include an Eppendorf MasterCycler and Stratagene RoboCycler, both 96-well format gradient machines, as well as 2 Perkin-Elmer TCs. Gel electrophoresis capabilities include rapid horizontal gel formats as well as Bio-Rad’s DCODE system for mutation analysis (DGGE and TGGE), as well as a digital geldoc setup and a semi-dry blotting system. An ABI 310 sequencer with GeneScan software was funded by a NSF-CCLI grant.

The lab also includes an Olympus BX-51 compound fluorescence microscope with a Pixera Penguin cooled CCD camera, and Nikon SMZ-800 stereo microscope. Other equipment includes 3 SRI gas chromatographs and general equipment, including a fluorometer, a Coulter counter, hybridization ovens, a refrigerator/freezer, cooled incubator, filtration equipment, ventilation and laminar hoods, and microcentrifuges. Field gear includes pH meters, temperature probes, and standard water analysis equipment, including a Hydrolab Quanta water profiler.

Lab computers include Macintosh G3 and G4 machines and a recent 1.8 Ghz PC, all equipped with statistical and scientific software, including DNAStar’s Lasergene package for genetic analysis.