Jean Gallagher

Pink Lily

Balance. Beauty. Spirituality.

All these issues interface in my painting as emotional and/or intellectual components. As a believer in reconstructive postmodernism as an antithesis to the deconstructive "abject" in contemporary art; I've attempted to infuse a sense of calm reality in the varied paintings present on this website. They include primary imagery that has focused upon: simple plant forms, endangered Hawaiian native plants, French "Petit Genre" flora and fauna paintings. A secondary imagery focus has been the study of fabric as an emotional depiction of both the sacred and secular. Recently, I have been interested in haoris (a unisex kimono-like jacket) as a metaphor for equality between men and women, and of late, figurative work mixed with symbolic textile imagery (quilts, tapestries, and garments) to investigate human relations between genders.


Moondial Close-up

From 1977 until the early eighties, my work was focused upon a feminist concern to include pattern and decoration in formalist painting. As like many other artists influenced by the Conceptual Art movement, I stopped painting. Since 1984, I've used the indoor gallery site as an active conduit to mix social and aesthetic issues in the form of temporary multi=media installations, by using a combination of computerized slide projections, paint, sound, and sculpture. The work began as personal reactions to experiences of alienation, sexual harassment, and violence. Progressively, the work began to address larger themes: animal rights, human discrimination, censorship, dogmatic art criticism, society's misuse of technology, and the environment. Focusing on current issues, this work longs for peace, healing, and beauty. Recently, I have returned to painting, sometimes within the context of an installation, sometimes not, which now serves as a "place" for solace and beauty.