Ecological Plant Physiology

Biology 315

Spring 2003




Instructor: James C. Pushnik

Office: Holt 301J       Office Hours: M 3:00-4:00; T 2:00-5:00, W 11:00-12:00

Tel. 898-6362             Email:

Text: Environmental Physiology of Plants; 3rd Edition; Fitter and Hay; 2002;

Academic Press.

Course Schedule: Lecture M, W, F 10:00-10:50;  Lab M 11:00-1:50



Date                Lecture Topic                                     Reading          Other


1/27                 Introduction to Ecological Physiology                1-8          

1/29-1/31         Evolution of Adaptation                                    9-20     Ackerly et al 2000


                        Energy and Carbon

2/3-2/7             Radiation Environments                                     23-32  

2/10                 Effects of Spectral Distribution                          33-42

2/12-2/14         Effects of Irradiance on Plants                           43-57

2/17-2/19         Plant Responses to Elevated CO2                            58-74


                        Root Environment and Resource Acquisition

2/24                 Nutrients and Growth                                       75-82

2/26-2/28         Nutrient in the Soil System                                82-97

3/3                   Physiological Adaptations to Mineral Stress       98-106

3/5-3/7             Morphological Adaptations and

Plant Microbe Interactions                                106-130


3/10-3/14         Water Relations of Plants and Soil                     131-156

3/24                 Adaptations Favoring Germination

 and Seedlings in Dry Environments                   157-161

3/26-3/28         Adaptations Favoring Survival and

Reproduction under Water-stress Conditions    162-185

4/2                   Special Problems for Trees                               186-190


Responses to Environmental Stresses

4/4-4/7             Temperature Relations of Plants                        193-205

4/9/-4/11          Plant Adaptations and Resistances to Low

 Temperature                                                    205-231                      

4/14                 Survival of Plants in High Temperature

 Environments                                                   231-240


4/16-4/23         Toxicities and Toxic Environments                     241-248

4/25                 Influence of Toxins on Plants                             248-259

4/28-4/30         Resistance to Toxicity                                       259-279

5/2                   Phytoremediation                                              279-284


5/5-5/16           Scaling Issues







            Two 5-10 page papers on plant physiological research activities            50% of grade

            Take-home final of 10 questions                                                            50% of grade



Other Texts/Volumes of Interest:

Gutschick, V.P. (1982). A Functional Biology of Crop Plants. Croom Helm Publishing


Mooney, H.A., W.E. Winner, and E.Pell. (1991) Response of Plants to Multiple Stresses Academic Press.


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