Master's Theses Completed:

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"The Response of Ailanthus altissima (Tree of Heaven) Seedlings to Root Anoxia." Deborah Ann Topp. 1999.

"Effects of Topdressing an Established Alfalfa Stand with Some Commonly Available Fertilizers on Yields and Plant Tissue Analysis Over One Growing Season." Debbi Stolp.2000

"Investigations in the Genus Vaccinium, Section Myrtillus, in Northern California and Southern Oregon, INcluding Resolution of the Taxonomic Status of Vaccinium coccineum Piper by RADP Analysis." Loren Gehrung. 2001.

"Influence of Auxins and Sucrose on the Genetic Regulation of Xylogenesis in Arabidopsis thalianna." Stephen J. Karr. 2002