Art 205-01

Gallery Production

Course Syllabus

Spring 2002

TRACS #10292

Class time: T-Th, 2:00 – 3:50 PM* Location: Ayers 203

Instructor: Jason Tannen, Curator, University Art Gallery, Department of Art & Art History Office hours: Tuesday, 11 AM - noon Email: Telephone: 530-898-5864

Required texts: Atkins, Robert. Artspeak, a guide to Contemporary Ideas, Movements, and Buzzwords (second edsition). New York, Abbeville Press, 1997.

Lang, Cay. Taking the Leap: Building a Career as a Visual Artist. San Francisco, Chronicle Books, 1998.


ART 205 provides students with basic hands-on experience in gallery production, exhibition planning, preparation and installation. Through a combination of installation work in the University Art Gallery, interactions with exhibiting artists, discussions and fieldwork, students will gain curatorial and professional skills that can be applied outside the classroom. The course also provides experience in shooting slides of artwork, creating labels and signage, writing an exhibition statement and developing a hypothetical thematic group exhibition.


Each student is expected to attend class on time, participate in gallery projects and class discussions and meet submission deadlines for all assignments. Each student is expected to work to the best of her or his ability. There will be no mid-term or final exams; grades will be based on the topics listed below.

*The class will meet for 2 rather than 3 hours, allowing for time spent installing exhibitions in the University Art Gallery.

Course topics include:

Gallery and fieldwork: 60%

Students are expected to participate in assigned activities related to the preparation and installation of gallery exhibitions. Activities include unpacking artwork, prepping and painting the gallery, handling and installing artwork, hanging lights, producing and mounting signage and labels, deinstalling exhibitions, packing and shipping artwork. Students are also expected to participate in field trips and some out-of-class artist assistance.

Grading Criteria for gallery work includes:

Written assignments and thematic proposal: 30%

Writing assignments include exhibition assessments, exhibition statements and a thematic exhibition proposal. Exhibition assessments and thematic proposals need not be formal papers, but rather your ideas, concepts and impressions. Exhibition statements are based on information provided to you by your instructor. Thematic proposals will be presented to the class in a role-playing exercise, in which class members will sit on a "review panel" and evaluate the proposals.

The grading criteria for written assignments and presentations includes:

Slide documentation: 10%

Students will shoot slides of both gallery installation views and individual artworks in 2 phases. First, you will photograph a UAG show as a class demonstration/group project. Later, the class will evaluate slides in a review panel setting.

Grading criteria for slides includes:


Course Calendar:

Because this course is more closely linked to the gallery than the classroom, the course calendar may change on occasion to meet the needs of the gallery. Therefore, your instructor reserves the right to make any changes to this calendar deemed necessary. Students will not be penalized for any alterations in the class calendar.


ART 205




Week 1 [gallery exhibition begins]

Introduction to the class; goals & objectives, requirements, evaluation criteria

Working with art objects

Week 2

Field work – Turner Gallery

Week 3

Fieldwork – Turner Gallery, continued

Week 4

Demonstration & class project: photographing artwork

Shoot slides in gallery

Week 5 [gallery exhibition – last day]

Thematic exhibition exercise - distribute Artweek

Shoot slides, continued

Artweek – report

Deinstall exhibition

Week 6

Thematic exhibitions – 1st look

Writing exercise – draft thematic proposal

Field trip – 1078 Gallery & Chico Art Center

Week 7

Individual appointments, course assessment

Thematic draft due

Review slides

Week 8

Gallery work

Week 9

[SPRING BREAK; gallery work in FALL]

Week 10

Thematic exhibition – final draft due

Gallery work

Week 11

Review re-shot slides

Week 12

Thematic exhibition - oral presentations

Week 13

[FALL BREAK; gallery work in SPRING]

Week 14 [gallery exhibition begins]

Work with gallery artists

Week 15

Gallery work

Week 16

Gallery talks

Week 17

Wrap up in gallery