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Upper Division Theme C in Thailand 2011         CSU, Chico logo
                                      May 25 - July 23

Program Description



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Program Description

Although Food Forever (PSSC 390) has been taught three previous summers in Thailand, this will be the first time the entire GE theme will be offered in collaboration with faculty and students from Chiang Mai University.

  • Plant and Soil Science 390 (Food Forever) is an exploration of food production systems and the people and practices that determine their sustainability.

  • Sociology 354 ( Ethnicity and Nationalism) is a comparative study of the nature of inter-cultural contacts.  Focus will be on the cultural diversity of Northern Thailand including the role of hill tribes, immigration, and national Thai culture, and the ancient Lanna Thai culture.

  • English 353 (Multicultural Literature) is an examination of traditional and contemporary Thai literature (in translation) as well as various western literary perspectives on Thailand (from travel books to contemporary romance novels). 

  • Earn nine units of credit and fulfill your entire upper division GE course requirement.
  • Study and travel for two months in Northern Thailand
  • Participate in a joint class with Thai and U.S. Students
  • Engage in cultural programs
  • Visit and discuss management practices with hill-tribe villagers
  • Employ your skills to help in a service project
  • Participate with guidance from agricultural and humanities faculty

This is an amazing class in which you will be participating with Asian students
and have instructors from CSU, Chico and Chiang Mai University.
--former student
  • Depart Chico on Wednesday, May 25
  • Arrive in Bangkok on Thursday, May 26
  • Arrive in Chiang Mai on Friday, May 27
  • The first three weeks will be focused on the Food Forever course in
    collaboration with Thai Students from Chiang Mai University
  • The following five weeks will be focused on the Inter-Cultural
    Contacts and Multicultural Literature courses
  • Students will participate in class and field activities around Chiang Mai.
  • There will be an overnight field trip to villages to the west
  • Other days will be available for working on projects, excursions and sightseeing.   
       —>  Check out possible free-time activites!
  • Program ends on Friday, July 22
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing

Application Deadline and other important dates:
  • March 25, 2011 (half course fees due at time of application)

  • Click here for the application   pointer  
(Print it out and submit)   
application link
  • May 2 -- remainder of fees due
  • Early May -- mandatory orientation meeting

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is located in the area of the ancient kingdom of Lanna.  The culture Lanna is distinct from central and eastern (Isaan) Thailand.  It is a major crafts area and there are many interesting markets, museums, monasteries, and temples.

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Course Preparation

Before you leave, spending a little while becoming familiar
with some language basics and cultural rules will be a
worthwhile investment!

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Campus Info Sessions:
(Please RSVP to LAltier@csuchico.edu)


For more information :
Dr. Lee Altier
530 898-3094

Dr. Tony Waters
530 898-6384

Dr. Robert Burton
530 898-6568

Also, in Thailand :

Dr. Sakda Jongkaewwattana
Department of Agronomy
Faculty of Agriculture
Chiang Mai University, Thailand
Phone : 66 5322 1275 #228
E-mail : sakda@chiangmai.ac.th