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    Twenty Major Mangaka Who Contributed to the World of Shojo Manga
    (World War II to Present)
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Project Schedule (Tentative)


Proposed Activity

January, 2005

• Travel to Japan to conduct interviews and discussion with mangaka (cartoon artists) for the exhibition and related publications including the exhibition catalogue.

March, 2005

• Paper to be presented at annual NAEA (National Art Education Association) conference in Boston, MT (3/4 - 3/8/05)

• Complete the draft of exhibition catalogue based on interviews and research in Japan

May, 2005

• Edit the content and visual images of exhibition catalogue and send it to of publisher, the board of the Pennsylvania State Univ.
• Create invitational postcard and advertisements for the exhibition and symposium

Summer, 2005

• Travel to Japan and select final manga artworks from mangaka for the exhibition to ship to Chico
• Final preparation for the exhibition and the symposium

October 27, 2005

• The exhibitions start at California State University, Chico

(A Japanese print show to be held at the Janet Turner Print Museum in conjunction with the above exhibition.)

• A related symposium of Visual Pop Culture, The Power of Girl’s Comics: The Value and Contribution to Visual Culture and Society held in Chico.

Thursday, 11/10/05

• Machiko Satonaka, Shojo mangaka and Professor, Osaka Art University
• Keiko Takemiya, Shojo mangaka and Professor, Kyoto Seika University
• Tomoko Yamada, Shojo manga researcher and curator, Kawasaki City Museum
• Fusanosuke Natsume, Manga critic

Thursday, 12/1/05

Workshop I at Humanities Center

• Trina Robbins, researcher and writer of the US girl's comics


Workshop II at Ayres Hall 106 (Little theater)
• Frederik Schadt, Japanese manga critics and Japanese interpreter


Closing Workshop III, at Humanities Center
• Brent Wilson, Professor, Pennsylvania State University>


• The exhibitions start at Pennsylvania State University, Chico

March, ’06

• The exhibitions start at the School of the Institute of Chicago in conjunction with NAEA (National Art Education Association) conference, Chicago

Summer, 2006

• All artworks returned to Japan. Another touring exhibition possibly held in Japan and other Asian countries.

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