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North America Touring Exhibition Sites of gShojo Mangah
Fall 2006 -Summer 2007

Photo Gallery of North America Touring Sites



Exhibition Information

The Japan Foundation, Toronto


Overall, this touring exhibition is a comprehensive introduction to newcomers and an in depth exploration of the evolution of themes and expressions in Shojo Manga. It provides convincing explanations for mangafs enviable role in Japanese popular culture and its increasing international appeal.

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Japan Exhibition and Culture Center,
Embassy of Japan, Washington D.C.

Shojo Manga! Girl Power!
"Girls' Comics from Japan"
January 29th - March 16th, 2007

Girls' comics, or Shojo Manga occupy a very special place in the world of Japanese comics. Not just tales of love, these illustrated stories empower the girls of Japan and aid them in traversing the intricate societal roles and expectations females face in Japan. Featuring artwork from World War II to the present, "Girl Power!" focuses on a period of Japanese history that has seen women's position in society undergo drastic changes. That path is documented in shojo manga. This event is co-organized by The Japan-America Society of Washington, DC.

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"Shojo Manga! Girl Power! East and West" is a landmark exhibition that illuminates and celebrates the evolution of Japanese comics for girls from the postwar era to the present. Check out a gallery of images from the exhibition.

The subtitle "East and West" refers to the fact that the Twin Cities exhibition will also feature works from emerging and established manga artists in the West, including works from the College's alumni. Additionally, the show will feature winning entries from a manga competition for high school students from throughout the region.

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(Japanese American Cultural and Community Center), LA

Shojo Manga "Girl Power" Manga (Japanese comics) has played an important role in Japanese society. Blending ink and storytelling, the Manga can simultaneously be viewed as entertainment, art and a reflective study in pop culture. This exhibition of Manga focuses on those published specifically for Shojo (young girls) and features a variety of posters, prints and books spanning over 60 years of art and style.While the early Shojo Manga remains timeless in its unique style and storytelling, it is the contemporary Manga and artwork that has transcended borders and has received great interest throughout the world.Through the vast examples showcased, this exhibition will provide a look at the role Shojo Manga has played and continues to play in Japanese society and through reflection of 60 years of artwork, observe how the lives of young girls and women hanve changed in Japan since the post-war era through today.

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Japanese Canadian National Museum, Burnaby, B.C., Canada

Shojo Manga! Girl Power! is an internationally acclaimed exhibition of more than 200 artworks from 23 artists who have contributed to the phenomenon of modern manga in Japan. The Japanese Canadian National Museum is pleased to be the final venue for the exhibitionfs successful tour of North and South America and the last chance for Canadians to see these superb examples of graphic art before the show heads to Japan. Designed by curator Dr. Masami Toku to raise issues of gender and representation, the exhibition explores the power of women's aspirations and dreams in contemporary Japanese culture. From its start in post-war era Japan as
inexpensive youth entertainment influenced by American comics and Disney animation, to the current immense popularity of manga worldwide, this show traces the historyof a medium at the intersection of evolving social roles and innovation in Japanese aesthetics. Shojo Manga! Girl Power! is curated by Dr. Masami Toku, Associate Professor of Art and Art History at California State University, Chico.

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