Curriculum and Lesson

Emotional Exagerated Face

Masami Toku

K ~ 4th

1) To understand the use of Cool vs. Warm colors to express emotion
2) To develop observation skill to discover characteristics of faces
3) To develop drawing techniques to exaggerate facial expressions effectively
4) To learn the technique of collage>
5) To learn the Elements of Art: Texture and Pattern>

Student materials:
Drawing paper (15" X 22"), Assorted construction papers, Assorted Tissue papers, Scissors, Glue, Oil pastels, Crayon, Markers, and others.

Teacherís materials:
Slide examples of Mattise, Japanese caricatures from a weekly magazine, and previous students' artworks

1. Observation vs. Imagination
2. Realistic vs. Exaggerated
3. Cool vs. Warm colors
4. Feelings
5. Emotion
6. Mattise
7. Fauvism

1. (Introduction) Discuss the relationship between colors (cools & warm) and feelings
2. Practice first by sketching your face with drawing pencils by looking in a mirror to find the characteristics on your face (about 15 ≠ 30 min.)

1. Choose an emotion to show your facial expression (e.g. happy, sad, surprise, boring, etc.)
2. Draw your exaggerated facial expression/emotion on drawing paper briefly.
3. Choose one basic color of construction paper which expresses your selected emotion effectively. Cut out an outline of your face.
4. Develop it with collage technique with assorted materials to create a 3-D (pop-out) emotional face.
5. Cover all negative space (background) with designs made with assorted materials
6. (Closure) Discuss the art project to confirm what they learned by looking at all artworks which will be hung on the wall at the end of the exercise.