This self-evaluation is due typed, single-spaced, and printed at the beginning of class on critique days.

Answer the following questions as honestly as possible. Your evaluation is, in part, based on your ability to candidly reflect on your performance, and in your ability to critique your own creative work.

1. How does your end product compare to your expectations for this project?

2. What things would you change and why?

3. What did you learn making this project? What challenges did you set for yourself? List your five most important achievements.

4. How do you label this work in terms of Genre? Media? Aesthetic?

Ten Question from the Discerning Viewer to the Artist

1. What is the purpose of this piece?

2. Does it pose a question?

3. If it does, are sufficient visual clues provided to beckon and direct the viewer's response?

4. Is every element present necessary?

5. Does this work define or clarify your thoughts or visualization of those thoughts?

6. Does the message merit/or warrant the particular level of execution employed? (Do the means suit the ends?)

7. Is there a creative transformation or does this work place a distance between the artist and the audience?

8. What type of experience do you want the viewer to have?

9. What three adjectives would you attach to this work?

10. Does this piece offer any significant social, political, cultural or psychological insights or truths?