Area 44 is Broca's area. It is responsible for programming speech movements as well as word order (syntax.) Area 41 is Heshl's gyrus, the primary auditory area for detection of sound. Areas 21 and 22 and 42 make up Wernicke's area. It is responsible for meaning. It has connections to Broca's through the arcuate fasiculus and also to the angular gyrus, area 39. These areas are most important to language and speech.

Areas 9, 10 and 11 are primary cognitive area/ executive function

Area 4 is the motor strip/primary motor area/precentral gyrus.

Area 6, the premotor area just anterior to area 4 is responsible for programming all motor movements expect for speech.

Areas 2, 1 and 3 are the primary sensory areas. Areas 7 and 40 are association areas that provide more detail.

Area 19 is the primary visual area. All visual impulses are recieved there. Areas 17 and 18 are supplementray visual areas that give detail to the input to area 19.

Areas 44 and 45 are Broca's area. They are responsible for sequencing of muscle movements for phonemes. It is also responsible for syntax (word ordering) and morphology (inflectional endings such as plural and past tense.)