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Best Shacks

By now you have probably figured out that I didn't really categorize the shacks into "good, better, and best." The combination of graphic files for 25 cabins is a bit much for one web page so I simply split them into three. You decide which are the best.

This is actually my favorite cabin. It is just a little hippie cabin built along a creek. I like the roof lines and the windows. I could easily live here!

This is all that is left at Daniel Zink campground area.

This is the stable part of the old Bear Creek Guard Station.

If you have ever hiked to Hartman's Bar you will recognize this old shed.

Miner's cabin near Coldwater.

This was a great old place in Darby Meadows but you see what happens when a tree falls!

Another old Darby Meadows shed.

I heard that these were bunk houses for the old Swayne Logging Company. Does anyone know by inspection?

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