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Good Shacks

OK, you guessed this was an outhouse. But look at it! It is a two-holer with two windows. In its time this was an elegant structure but as you can see it has started to list starboard.

A close relative, but this one is actually a storage shed!

This was the cook house at the Robinson Mine. It was standing just a few years ago. Many people visit this mine. If any of you have better pictures of this mine area please EMail me, I would love to get some copies of them!

This was my favorite shack in Plumas County. It was just a little one-room miner's cabin, but it was built upon a large granite boulder. When I finally took a camera to the site I found that the snow had crushed the cabin.

Another small cabin. This was probably used for storage but had evidence of having some residents also!

This is an odd building found at the Dean Mine. It obviously was designed for a specialized purpose. I am guessing but I think it is for hanging game. A deer or bear could be hung from the rafters and be out of reach of any critter that happened to get in. Any better ideas?

This is obviously a cut above the prior structures. This is someone's summer cabin way back in the middle of nowhere.

This is a miner's cabin located next to Boulder Creek. It is used off and on by hunters and miners.

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