Map location scaling

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Map location scaling made easy:

1. Measure the distance across (horizontally) section 22-do the measurment through the cabin site. Any unit will do. As an example I get 52 mm.

2. Measure the horizontal distance from the left side of section 22 to the cabin site. I get 27 mm.

3. Make a ratio of these numbers i.e. the cabin is 27/52 (0.52 or 52%) of the distance across the section.

4. Now measure the distance across section 22 in the UTM Topo map. I get 85 mm.

5. The cabin is 0.52 x 85 mm or 44 mm horizontally across the distance of section 22.

6. Mark this location lightly on the map.

7. Repeat the steps 1-6 in the vertical direction.

8. You now have the approximate location ("X" marks the spot to quote Capt. Hook).

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