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Ron Cooke becomes a Grandfather on April 1, 1998

Now I know what you are thinking, Ron is way too young to be a grandfather and this is just an April Fool's joke. Not so!!

We got a call about 5 pm and rushed to the hospital. Anyone else would go in the main door and ask how to find their daughter. I was sure it would be a lot easier to just look around.

After spending a while in the maintenance area and then the basement of the hospital my keen sense of direction led us to the nursery. I found him easily, he was the big one:

While I'm getting this photo opportunity with my grandson, a nurse enters the nursery and checks him out:

He gives me the thumbs up and dresses him up in a very small blanket and delivers him to my daughter:

Next you will see the proud parents and the beginning of a new family:

"Time goes by,"

Now it is Thanksgiving 1998 and Dylan is 8 months old and has two teeth. Here are a couple of wild and crazy guys:

And here he is up close and personal:


Next year:

Now it's April 1, 1999 and we go to Dylan's 1st birthday party. It's been a while (30 years?) since I've been to a kid's party--I forgot what madness they can be! When I walked in the door I was sure there were over 200 kids there. A head count brought the number down to about 10, but still...

Here is a picture of Dylan getting some important advice on the fine art of package opening from one of his older buddies: