Devin Tacla MA, ATC
Graduate Student
California State University, Chico
Scott Barker MS, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
California State University, Chico

Welcome to Jeopardy!
This project was created by Devin Tacla as an assignment within the Graduate Athletic Training Education Option at California State University, Chico.

The objective of this project was to create a reusable and customizable Jeopardy style game that can be used by athletic training students and within athletic training education programs.


Use Stuffit Expander to decompress this file.

Once you have downloaded and decompressed the jeopardy.sit file you should have a folder titled "Jeopardy". Within this folder there are 3 files:
jeopardychico.exe - the application used to play on a Windows PC.
jeopardychico Projector - the application used to play on a Macintosh computer.
questions.txt - This text file contains the content (answers and questions) that will be displayed within the game.

You may make changes to the text file to customize the game to your needs. Just open the question.txt file with any text editor. You will notice that every line contains variable names (see below) followed by an = sign. Do not edit the variable names. Only edit the text that follows the = sign on each line. You will see that there are category names and answers/question content for each. Remember in the game of Jeopardy the answer is provided and the player must respond in the form of a question.

Variable names are in Red
. &category1=Nerves
&category5=Special Test

&1_100A= Category 1 100 Answer text.
&1_100Q= Category 1 100 Question text?

&1_200A= Category 1 200 Answer text.
&1_200Q= Category 1 200 Question text?

&1_300A= Category 1 300 Answer text.
&1_300Q= Category 1 300 Question text?

&1_400A= Category 1 400 Answer text.
&1_400Q= Category 1 400 Question text?

&1_500A= Category 1 500 Answer text.
&1_500Q= Category 1 500 Question text?

Once you have made your changes save in .txt format. The question.txt file must be located in the same folder as the application file (jeopardychico.exe or jeopardychico Projector).

You can make multiple copies of the folder to create several versions/rounds of the game.
Also, you can place students in groups and allow each group to create a round of the game. Then you can have two groups play head to head competition with the authoring group administering the round they created.

Need Help?

Scott Barker, MS, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
Director - Graduate Athletic Training Education Option
California State University, Chico
Chico, Ca 95929-300