Family Migration History


                  The information I was able to gather on the migration history of my family is patchy at best, but I have put together the best I could our family history.  What follows IS AN ACCOUNT OF THE MIGRATIONS OF Franz SchneiderÕs descendants.  Franz was born in Germany in 1810 and what he did there remains a mystery. He was eventually married to Catherine Gusing who was also born in Germany in 1894 (If these dates are correct, Franz was a real cradle robber.).   They took a boat (WHEN?) to Canada (WHERE IN CANADA?) across the Atlantic.  Via Canada, Franz and Catherine made their way to Nebraska by covered wagon. Presumably, they spoke German. I am not sure of their religious affiliation either (IF YOU KNOW WHERE THEY WERE FROM IN GERMANY, YOU COULD MAKE A GOOD GUESS ABOUT RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION). The push/pull factors that led them here to America are also not certain.  It would put them in a group of some 4 million Germans who left their country and immigrated here to the United States between the 1840s-1880s (GOOD, DO YOU HAVE A SOURCE?  IF SO, CITE IT). For a while, he carried mail by horseback to different counties.  Franz Schneider died in Creighton (ALWAYS SEPARATE CITIES/COUNTIES AND STATES WITH A COMMA) Nebraska in 1890. Catherine died some four years later in Knox County  (ALWAYS SEPARATE CITIES/COUNTIES AND STATES WITH A COMMA) Nebraska.  The two had six children: Frances, Kate, Emma, Frank, Vaschel (I LIKE IT!!) and Frederick.

 Frederick Clements Schneider was born in 1850 in Schlesinger County  (ALWAYS SEPARATE CITIES/COUNTIES AND STATES WITH A COMMA) Wisconsin.  IÕm not sure if the SchneiderÕs were living here at the time.  IÕm also unsure what his occupation was or what his mode of travel was. I do however; know that he married Juliana Morisette on November 10 County  (ALWAYS SEPARATE MONTHS AND YEARS WITH A COMMA) 1884 in St. Helena County  (ALWAYS SEPARATE CITIES/COUNTIES AND STATES WITH A COMMA) Nebraska.  Frederick died in 1933 in Creighton County  (ALWAYS SEPARATE CITIES/COUNTIES AND STATES WITH A COMMA)Nebraska where he and his wife lived. I presume that all of the children of Franz and Catherine learned English, including Frederick.  They could have been farmers but that would be speculation (WHAT ELSE WAS THERE TO DO IN CREIGHTON?  I THINK IT IS A RAILROAD TOWN CLOSE TO OMAHA). Frederick and Juliana had six children as well: Kayreba Ann, Laurena Ann, Josephine Elizabeth, Frederick Louis, William Henry, and my great grandmother Mary Frances Schneider. 

Mary was born in 1890 in Creighton County  (ALWAYS SEPARATE CITIES/COUNTIES AND STATES WITH A COMMA) Nebraska.  Through mutual friends she was introduced to a William Earl Stover from Corinda, (BEAUTIFUL COMMA) Iowa IN 1891).  She did the neighborhood laundry and he was a farmer.  They married and had 11 children: Harold William (1916), Earl Raymond (1918) (my Grandfather),  Margaret (1920), Clara Frances (1923), Agnes Marie (1925), Mildred Ruth (1927),  then two set of twins Leo and Leona (1929), and finally Joseph and Joann (1932).  Joann tells me that her father William had a drayage team of horses and delivered goods around the county; but with the advent of the automobile (trucks) he was put out of business.    But in 1944 there was no work to be found in the Nebraska area (WHY?).  William, Mary, and almost all of the children moved to Gridley County  (ALWAYS SEPARATE CITIES/COUNTIES AND STATES WITH A COMMA) (WHERE IS GRIDLEY COUNTY?) California.  Earl was in the Marines at that time.  They came by train because they could not afford a car. Leona tells me that the train was packed with people and kids all sat on suitcases between the cars because all the seats were full.  All of the children were Catholic so I assume that Mary and William were as well (THIS FACT PROBABLY MEANS THAT OLD FRANZ AND/OR CATHERINE WERE TOO).   William had a brother that already lived in Gridley and soon William went to work in the Libby cannery (CANNING WHAT?).  William passed away in 1971 and Mary in 1981.

In August of 1941 Earl Stover married Gertrude Wytenya in Santa Barbara County  (ALWAYS SEPARATE CITIES/COUNTIES AND STATES WITH A COMMA) CaLIFORNIA.  He was stationed in San Diego and she caught a ride in a friendÕs car and they lived there for a while. He was called to service after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  He went to war and Gertrude caught another ride (TRAIN, CAR RIDE WITH FAMILY MEMBER?) to Chicago to be closer to her family. After being discharged from the Marines, Master Sergeant Earl Raymond Stover and Gertrude settled down in Chicago where he went back to work in a dry cleaning business and she worked for an insurance firm. They both still reside in Chicago, Illinois.  They had three children; Barbara Ann (1948), Earl Raymond (1957), and Maureen (1952).  Tragically, Earl contracted leukemia and passed away in 1979. 

Barbara grew up in Chicago, graduated from Loyola and met a William T. Burke who lived a few blocks away. They married and soon moved into a house in Chicago. She was Catholic.  He was too, but only at Christmas. After Bill was discharged from the Army in 1971, they moved to a suburb of Chicago called Elk Grove Village. They had two children:  Steven William (1974) and Susan Maureen (1978).  Barbara was a schoolteacher.   Bill worked for a company called Bepex, which manufactured large food processing equipment.  In October of 1983 we moved to Santa Rosa County  (ALWAYS SEPARATE CITIES/COUNTIES AND STATES WITH A COMMA) California because of job transfer from Bepex.  BarbÕs sister, Maureen (a nurse at Cook County Hospital) made the move with us. I suppose that my parentsÕ move could be attributed to the advent of Silicon Valley in the 80s. We drove across the states of Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and finally California (INTERSTATES OR BACKROADS?).  The five of us moved into a four-bedroom house that my parents still reside in today. My aunt has gotten married and moved to Bremerton Washington, and has a daughter named Elizabeth Rose who is now ten.  After graduating high school, I attended a local junior college for three years and finally decided to attend Chico State in the spring of 96.  IÕve been in Chico ever since, trying to get my education back on track.  I am a bartender, AND SIMILAR TO MY FATHER AN OUT OF PRACTICE Catholic.  Education would be the pull factor that brought me to Chico, and my mode of transportation would be that of a car.