Personal Activity Space Map. Due Friday, 8/25/17




1.     Create or renew a Gmail account.

2.     Sign in to your Google account.

3.     Go to “My maps” by clicking on search bar.

4.     Click “Create”.



5. Zoom into your hometown by scrolling or typing your town’s name in the search bar. Zoom close enough so that you can see street names and your home.


6.     Start adding places to your map. What kind of places?  Places that you visit at least once a week in your hometown (home, school, favorite park, favorite store…).  These make up your personal activity space.


7.     Click on the upside down teardrop to add symbols for these locations.


8.     Print out and bring to class on Friday.


If you have printing your map, take a screen shot and print that.


How do you take a screen shot?


See the videos at the links below:

YouTube How to videos:

Š         How to take a screen shot on computer:   (turn down volume – It has loud music)

Š         How to take a screen shot on Mac