Rivoli Preface and Prologue Question Set




1.          What was the conflict Rivoli begins her preface with?  What were the contending interest groups?




2. What story will Rivoli tell us?  How does it relate to globalization?



3. What is Rivoli’s purpose for telling this story?




4.  What is Rivoli’s training?  Does that qualify her to tell this story?



5.  What is the role of markets in this story?



6. Rivoli states that her story “comes down on Dougherty’s side.”  Explain “Dougherty’s side”.





7. How was geography a factor in the early days of Sherry Fashions?



8. What was the supply chain of the scarves?



9. How did the conversion of Sherry Fashions to Sherry Manufacturing Company change that supply chain?



10. What countries are Sherry’s T-shirt suppliers?  Find them on a map and memorize the locations.



11. List 4 or 5 of the impediments to Sherry’s imports of blank T-shirts?



12.  Why China?



13. Why “Teksa”?