GEOG 102 Big Chico Creek Watershed History Question Set

1. Which 2 Indian peoples appear to have occupied the Big Chico Creek watershed immediately prior to the arrival of the first settlers of European descent? 


2. When did the first settlers of European descent arrive? 

3.  Describe the Yahi’s subsistence strategies.  On what food resources (plant and animal) did they depend?



4.  In which physical/natural regions were Konkow settlements at the time of European contact?



5. In which physical region did Konkow seek their subsistence during summers?  What food resources (plant and animal)?




6. Which food resources (plant and animal) caused the Konkow to migrate during late summer and late autumn?  To where did they migrate to harvest these resources?




7. How and when did European contact upset native subsistence strategies?



8. When did the first Spanish and American explorers arrive in the Big Chico Creek watershed?  What specific purposes brought each group to the area?



9. When, in what form and size did the Mexican government distribute lands in the Big Chico Creek watershed to settlers?




10. What products did early agricultural settlers raise and harvest in the Big Chico Creek watershed?



11. How did John Bidwell gain his wealth? What did he do with it that resulted the town of Chico?  How did he attract settlers?



12. How long after Bidwell purchased his land did his promotional efforts result in the establishment of the Chico Normal School?  Why “Normal”?


13. What is your favorite part of Bidwell Park?  When did the city acquire it and/or when was it built?



14. What is the purpose of the Chico and Mud Creeks and Sandy Gulch Flood Control Project?  When was it built?