Family Migration History Instructions

    This assignment asks you to teach me about your family's migration history.  



Research and answer the following questions for as many generations of your family as possible.  If you have relatives who fancy themselves genealogists and who regularly dominate conversations at family reunions with trivia about your great-great grandfather's 3rd cousin by marriage, be nice to them.  You will need their help for this assignment.  If no one in your family has traced its lineage you can still complete this assignment successfully.  Track down your oldest living relative and interview him or her.  Many of these people would love the chance to demonstrate their family history expertise. 

You must use the answers to the questions below to craft a double-spaced, typed essay about the series of migrations that brought you to Chico, your current home. 


What was the point of origin and destination for each generation's migration? (Trace only one parent's lineage.)

When did each migration occur?

Who was your family’s first mobal? When did they become one? Why?

What were the push and pull factors that motivated each migration?

What was the mode of travel for each migration?

What language(s) did each generation speak?

What was the religious affiliation of each generation?

What was each generation's economic livelihood?

What difficulties, if any, were experienced with each move?



You must create at least one map that shows your family's migrations in the US.

If your family has lived in a large urban area like Los Angeles or the Bay Area for several generations, trace the intra-city migrations on a city map.


For each map draw the actual migration routes that connected all of the points of departure and destinations. 



More Stuff:


1. The final page of your Family Migration History will be a page with the heading Push and Pull Factors.  On this page you will summarize the push and pull factors that influenced your family’s migrations.


2. No cover sheet.


3. Treat your move to Chico State as your most recent migration and identify the pull factors that influenced your decision to migrate to Chico.



Due Date: Monday, October 30.