Study Questions for Jared Diamond, Guns, Germs and Steel, Chapter 4 and 5

1)  What was the moral of the story Diamond tells us at the start of Chapter 4?


2)  Identify the quotation that describes the chapter objective.


3)  What is the advantage of "the strength of brute numbers"?


4)  How did domesticated animals promote population growth?


5)  What are the advantages of a sedentary lifestyle for population growth?


6) Name some of the "indirect" consequences of domesticating animals.


7)  What would you say is the objective of Chapter 5?  Paraphrase (that is, be sure to use your own words)


8)  Name the 5 locations that independently gave rise to agriculture.  Be sure to note the times.


9)  What is a "founder" package?  This is a very important point.  One of Diamond's crucial arguments is that the spread of agriculture was very important.  This movement will play a very large role later.


10)  Name the 3 locations that gave rise to agriculture after they received a founder package.