Guns, Germs and Steel Chapter 7 QS:


1. What is DiamondŐs definition of domestication?


2. Why is animal dispersal not domestication?



3. What 5-6 criteria did early humans look for when selecting plants?








4. South, west and north of Chico, farmers grow almonds on thousands of acres that used to provide resources for indigenous hunters and gatherers.  Having read Ch. 7, explain how that is amazing. Use the following terms in your explanation: cyanide, mutation, watermelon.






5. What four changes did early farmers/domesticators make to plants that were not visible to them?





6. What is a hermaphroditic plant? Why is it important to domestication?





7. What commonly eaten plants were all developed from cabbage?





8. What were the three stages of domestication? Identify some of the plants domesticated during each stage.





9. Why does Diamond spend so much time talking about cereal/pulse combinations?





10. Why did New World farmers sow multiple plants in a garden with sticks instead of using a plow and planting only one plant in a field?






11. Why have humans not domesticated oak trees for food?