GEOG 102 Language Map Exercise                                               Name:__________________________

1. Turn to p. 53. What kind of thematic map is this? ____________________________________________

2. Look at the Americas.  Describe the distribution of American Indian languages.  What human and/or physical factors might have contributed to the pattern?



3. Now view the European Languages map at this link - languages. On this map different shades of green, blue/purple and orange/red represent three different sub-families of the Indo-European language family.  Green represents the Germanic sub-family. Blue/purple represents the Romance sub-family. Orange/red represents the Slavic sub-family. Capital letters refer to sub-families of within each language family.           

      Use this online map and the map on p. 174-75 in your atlas to list the countries in which languages from each of these 3 subfamilies are spoken.


            Romance ___________________________________________________________________________

            Slavic ______________________________________________________________________________

5. Turn again to the Languages map, p. 53.  Languages from which language family are spoken in most of India? ______________ 

6. Describe the distribution of the Austronesian language family. ______________________________