Rivoli Chapter 1 Questions


1. Where is the Rheinsches’ farm?  Find that location on a map and memorize it.


2. On the Rheinsches’ farm how many acres are required to produce the cotton necessary to make one T-shirt?


3. How is cotton production exceptional in the recent history of US economic industries?


4. Who are US cotton farmers’ competitors?  Where do they live?  Explain how this is unusual.



5.  Memorize the questions in the last full paragraph on page 5.


6. Look up comparative advantage on Google and learn its definition.  Rivoli uses the term often in this book.


7. According to Oxfam, what is the root of US growers’ comparative advantage?


8. Find Benin and Burkina Faso on a map.  What was the basis of their farmers’ complaints at the WTO meeting in Cancun?


9. Does Rivoli agree with their arguments?


10. What factors does Rivoli identify to explain US growers’ dominance?


11. List 4 or 5 of the risks that US growers face.