Rivoli Questions Ch. 6



1. Briefly explain what "The Great Divergence" was.  Use the terms China, Europe, development, late 1700s and cotton garments in your answer.



2. What were the differences between the Chinese self-sufficiency vs. English "putting-out" systems?



3. How did the spinning jenny contribute to the "race to the bottom"?



4. How did the revolution in the textile industry change the distribution of English settlement? 



5. Why did factory owners have an abundant labor supply?



6. How was the British textile industry of the 1800s similar to China's current textile industry? 

7. When did Britain lose its dominance?

8. What country replaced it? What region of that country?



9. Why does Rivoli include the bottom-most complete paragraph on p. 96?



10. How did the early US textile factory owners meet their labor needs?



11. When did the "race to the bottom" move to the US South?  Why?



12. Where does the race move to after 1930s?  What ingredient was required for this, and all of the other, moves?



13. And then to where in the 1960s and 1970s?