What Global Language? Questions

1. What evidence suggests that English has become the global language?

2. What evidence does she present to question the supremacy of English in the US?

3. What two trends did Wallraff present as a paradox?


4. What factors that will influence the future of diffusion of the English language?

5. Compare the populations of native speakers of Chinese to native speakers of English.
6. What are projected to be the top five languages in 2050? How does that differ from the rankings at this web-site?

7. What demographic processes are expected to cause the ranking mentioned above?


8. Who will account for most of the increase in the population future English-speakers?


9. What will happen the proportion of English-speakers who are native speakers of English?

10. List 6 of the countries where English is spoken both as a native and as a 2nd language.  Be sure that you know where they are on a world map.

11. What does Wallraff mean by “Several Languages Called English?”

12. What evidence does Wallraff present to suggest that the Internet will not lead large populations to abandon their native languages in favor of English?


13. Why might English become more simplified as it becomes more global?

14. Summarize Wallraff’s conclusions about the future of the English language.