Power of Place Ch. 3, part 2, QS


1. Explain how the “demonstration effect” focuses “global opinion on Islam’s low points” and why so few books are published in the Islamic world.



2. DeBlij’s critique of Islam is blunt. However, he does balance it with a survey of the recent resurgence of fundamentalism in other faiths and how they have resulted in a restriction of freedom. What abuses does he mention for the following faiths?

Roman Catholicism

Protestant Christianity

Russian Orthodoxy



3. What does it mean when a religion is “ethnic”?


4. What evidence suggests that globalization has created conflict within Hinduism?


5. What evidence suggests that globalization has not “flattened” all of Indian society?



6. What is the record for Buddhism? Is it an ethnic faith? Where is it practiced? Does it suffer from sectarian strife?



7. What is the “Endarkenment” to which DeBlij refers? Which religions does it affect?