Middle America Map Exercise

1. First let’s get some idea of the populations of the several regions within the realm.  Look in the World Political Information Table and find or calculate the populations of the regions listed below.

US 305.7 million                        Central America  41.7 million             Mexico  110.585 million                            Greater Antilles  36.755 million

2. Now flip to the Population Density map on p. 48

In general, where are the three regions of high population density?

1.           A region in south-central Mexico, with Mexico City in the center

2.           El Salvador and Pacific side of Guatemala

3.           Lesser and Greater Antilles

In general, where are the four regions of low population density?

1.           Mexico, north of the Tropic of Cancer

2.           Yucatan Peninsula

3.           Eastern Honduras and Nicaragua

3. Now flip to p. 51.

What factor(s) distinguish Belize, Guatemala and Honduras from the other countries in Middle America? 
  Some of these countries share the highest levels of natural increase and the lowest levels of urbanization.