North Africa and Southwest Asia Atlas Exercise

1. In what general latitudinal range is this realm located? _10°N-42°N__________

2. Much of this realm is bounded by a collection of major water bodies.  Use the map on p. 220-221 to identify 6 of them.

Arabian Sea  Persian Gulf    Gulf of Aden    Red Sea    Mediterranean Sea    Caspian Sea     Black Sea    Atlantic Ocean

3. Look at the population density map on p. 48-49 and climate map on p. 30-31.  In which climate region does most of the population live? _Cs: Mediterranean  With which 2 broad physical features are the regions of high population density associated? _Nile River_________, Mediterranean coast_________

4. Use the map on p. 221 and 229 to match the features below with locations.

___b____ Al Hijaz                      a. between Jordan and Iraq
c____ Elburz Mountains        b. west coast of Arabian Peninsula
a____ Syrian Desert              c. Northern Iran
e____ Zagros Mountains       d. between Israel and Jordan
f____ Kurdistan                    e. western Iran
d____ Jordan River               f. 4 corners of Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria

5. Turn to the Languages map on p. 53.  Which language families are present in the realm__Semitic______________, __Altaic_____________, __Indo-European_________________, ____Hamitic_____________ 

6. Look at the Religion map on p. 53.  Which countries contain significant Shi’ite regions? __Iran___, __Iraq____, ___Yemen__

7. Find some maps to answer the following questions:  Specifically where are the agricultural regions in this realm? ____Mediterranean coast, _Nile,  Tigris -Euphrates Valley

8. What crops are produced?  ___Wheat, corn, barley, cane and beet sugar, citrus, dates,  apples, pears, peaches, tobacco,  olives,  cotton

9. Do any of the realm’s countries lead the world in production of some crop?  If so, which one(s). __Iraq=dates______ 

10. Turn to the Mineral Fuels map, p. 74. 

What percentage of petroleum reserves does the realm possess? ~62%_____________

What percentage of petroleum production does the realm produce? ~43%____________

13. Turn to p. 81. What is the approximate total refugee population in the realm? _Between 4.5 and 5 million__________