North Africa/Southwest Asia

Note that this realm is at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

What civilizations emerged in this realm?

Defining the Realm

Why is the "Dry World" a misleading moniker for this realm?

Why is "Arab World" a misleading moniker for this realm?

Memorize the Major Geographic Qualities of the Realm

Why is "Islamic World" a misleading moniker for this realm?

Why is "Middle East" a misleading moniker for this realm?

Hearths of Culture

Note the historical and pre-historical significance of this realm.

What are culture hearths? Locate the realm's two hearths on the map on p 231.


Stage for Islam

 Note the religions that emerged in this realm.

Learn the historical development of Islam and its precepts.

What are the 5 Pillars?

How is Islam an example of spatial diffusion?

Islam Divided

What events brought about the two major divisions of Islam?

How are the Sunni and Shia versions different?

When and where did Shi'ism gain unprecedented influence most recently?


Why does Bin Laden disapprove of Saudi Arabia’ s leadership?

  What is Wahhabism?  Where and when were its roots?



How is fundamentalism at the root of the conflict between the Western and Islamic worlds?

Figure 7-6 Learn and look at the spread of the Ottoman Empire.

What was its duration? When was its height?

Look at Figure 7-7 and learn the European powers that colonized the Ottoman Empire during the early 1900s.

Who drew the boundary lines?  How have they caused problems?



The Power and Peril of Oil

Summarize this section's first 3 paragraphs.

Locate the "three discontinuous zones" of petroleum on Figure 7-8

What % of known reserves are in the realm?

Who are the “Big Five”?


How are the geometric political boundaries drawn by the Europeans a problem with regard to petroleum reserves?

Learn the 7 impacts of oil on the realm.

How old is the modern state of Israel? Why is Jerusalem a "crucible of confrontation"?

You are on your own for the Regions of the Realm section. I haven’t written any questions.  I want you to focus on the Middle East and Empire States sections, and the short section on Afghanistan p. 261-263. Read each section closely.