South America Atlas Exercise

1. First let’s get some idea of the populations of the countries within the realm.  Look in the World Political Information Table and find the populations of the countries listed below.
US ______ Brazil _______ Colombia_________ Venezuela_______ Argentina__________ Peru __________ Chile _________ Suriname _____________

2.  What is South America's total population? ______________ 

3. Now flip back to the Plate tectonics map on p. 22-23.  According to this map, what similarities does South America share with Middle America?


4. How has the process indicated by the map on p. 22-23 influenced the physical geography of South America?  Use the maps on p. 159-162 to help you figure that out.



4. Now flip to the Climate map on p. 30.  How does this map support the statement that "Chile is the mirror image of California?
Find 2-3 other maps in the thematic section that support this statement.


5.  Turn to the Oceanic Environments map on p. 40-41.  Focus on South America's coastal environments between 0°-22°S.   Find a map that describes what resources do the 2 different coasts provide?


6. Look at the population density map on p. 162.  Describe the distribution of South America's population.