Sauer, C. O. 1941. The Personality of Mexico. Geographical Review 31:353-364.

Gran Chichimeca
tierra de paz
tierra de guerra
tierra de humedad
tierra fria

Describe the physical geography of Gran Chichimeca.

Did the region possess agricultural potential?

What does Sauer mean when he states that the line separating Mesoamerica and the Gran Chichimeca was a cultural boundary not a physical boundary?

What evidence does Sauer employ to support his thesis that Mesoamerica's cultural development originated along the Pacific side of the region?

 How does the Valley of Mexico fit into Sauer's chronology of "high cultures'?

Where were gold deposits in Mesoamerica?

How were the Tarascan and Aztec states similar in terms of location?

Into which elevational zone did both states expand?  Which region did both states ignore?

How did "Aztec and Tarascan imperialism facilitate Spanish occupation"?

Why did the Spaniards come to associate gold with heat?

What resource was the basis of the new frontier to the west?

What Spanish economic development caused the Mixton War?

What resource made Zacatecas important? When?

When and how did Guadalajara become the economic capital of the north?  What was its role?

What was the relationship between mining and cattle?

What was Mexico City's relationship to the north?

On what grounds does Sauer argue for the north being the location where "a new nationality was formed"?

Sauer wrote this article in 1941.  What differences between north and south persisted at that time?