Che, Chevys, and Hemingway's Daiquiris: Cuban Tourism in a Time of Globalisation. Question Set


1. When and why did the “Special Period “ begin?



2. What three areas of development did Castro emphasize in the Special Period?



3. Why do you think Castro promoted tourism?



4. What is the author’s view of tourism development in a socialist state like Cuba?



5. Why is tourism development in a socialist state like Cuba a paradox?




6. Which of Castro’s initiatives during the Special Period seem to be contradictory and/or inconsistent?




7. Summarize pre-Revolution tourism in Cuba. Yes, I am aware that there is not a question mark here.  Nevertheless, I expect you to write some sentences that summarize pre-Revolution tourism in Cuba.







8. What kinds of tourism does Cuba offer? 


9. Where do most of the tourists come from?


10.  How does Ernest Hemingway fit into Cuba’s tourism?



11. Why did Castro call tourism un mal necesario?



12. What part(s) of the author’s city tour would you have enjoyed?




13. What aspects of Cuba attracted some of the tourist whom the author interviewed?





14. Would you like to visit Cuba before Castro dies?  Why?