Question set for Bates, Marston. 1952. “Tropical Climates”. In, Where winter never comes; a study of man and nature in the Tropics. New York, Scribner.


1. What are the "astronomical" boundaries of the tropics?


2. How can isotherms be used to delimit the tropics?  What are isotherms? 

3. Why does Bates claim that "climate types within the tropics depend primarily on rainfall"?

4. Study the map on p. 87 and know the difference between the astronomical and climatic lines that are shown.     
5. Just skim p. 88-90.      
6. What is the difference between weather and climate?

7. According to Bates, why is climate and not weather "a property of the Tropics"?

8. What are the "two sorts of factors" that influence tropical climates? 

9. Read and re-read p. 91-the top of p. 93.  You must learn that basic information.


10. What pressure areas and wind belts does Bates describe?  Where are they?


11. What is the "heat equator"?  What does do throughout the year?  In which direction is it traveling currently?


12. Learn Bates' 4 basic climate types and associated vegetation groups.


13. Look at the Climates map.  What kinds of climates are found in our region of study?

14. How did Bates' living situation in Colombia demonstrate for him the topographical factor and its influence on climate?


15. So, what does it mean when we say "tropical climates"?