Kill-Devil Question Set


1. When did rum appear throughout the Caribbean?

2. How soon did Saccharum officinarum arrive in the Americas?  Where? Carried by whom?

3. Note the effects of oversupply (a glut) on colonial agriculture (tobacco, sugar…)

4. How did coffee, tea, chocolate contribute the expansion of the British sugar market?

5. What happened to the British sugar dietary intake?


6. “from 80 in 1627 to more than 75,000 by 1650”!  Talk about a boom! 

7. Note the wealth that the planters enjoyed.

8. Note how Barbados’ sugar economy compared with other British colonies.

9. What is molasses?


10. Approximately, when does it appear to have first been distilled into rum in the Caribbean?  Where?

11. How did rum sales affect a sugar estates profits?


12. "camberpot" is an early version of the word  chamberpot which was a toilet before the toilet had been invented.  Rum really was the result of converting waste (Including carcasses of dead animals!) into a valuable, compact product.

13. What class of English comprised the majority of settlers in Barbados?

14. How did Walduck characterize the differing settlement strategies of the different European groups in the Caribbean?


15. Note the Barbadians "commitment to drink."  This partly explains planters' preference for African slaves.

16. Here are the “humours” described by Foote in the article “Where Columbus was coming from”.  Note how rum was thought to be an aid for an Englishman's humours in the tropics.


Grog Question Set


1. How was a privateer different from a sailor in the English navy?  How did they benefit England?




2. Where specifically did Morgan do his work?  Why?




3. Why did Morgan sack ports in Panama twice?  What made that region so important?



4.  Why wouldn’t Morgan have secured rum when he sacked Spanish ports? 




5. Where did the Caribbean rum-distillers finally find a market for rum?  What products were exchanged for rum?



6. When did rum finally become common on pirate ships?  Why then?



7. Learn the site and situation of Port Royal.  Sounds like an interesting place from 1655 to 1692.  What happened then?



8. Note when piracy peaked.


9. Enjoy the description of Blackbeard’s life.  Also, learn the general location of his work and why.


10. “splice the main brace”?  What does the phrase mean?   Why did its ubiquitous use in the British navy please West Indian merchants?




11. When and why was Grog invented?



12. Why did British sailors become known as “Limeys”?