Life and Debt Questions


1.  Do most tourists visit Montego or Kingston?  Why?





2. What is the IMF?  When was it formed?  What is its purpose?






3. What is the World Bank? When was it formed?  What is its purpose?






4. How did the oil embargo of 1973 affect Jamaica?




5. What restrictions did the IMF impose on Jamaica?  Why? How is this similar to the plantation economy?







6. Why didn't the IMF emphasize food production for domestic markets and consumption?






7. "We use machete. The rest of the world use machine."


8. What was the relationship between the IMF, World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank?  How did their policies influence Jamaica?









9. How did US subsidies affect the Jamaican dairy industry?






10. Why was the WTO against the agreements that determined/protected markets for Jamaican bananas?









11. What is the Kingston Free Zone?  When did it begin?  What was the US role?










12.  How did Jamaica attract investment?









13. What happened? Why?