Proposal Guidelines

Annotated bibliography proposal is due on Friday, September 29.

This assignment is an opportunity for you to learn more about Middle America. Your research topic must be located within this region. 

Your proposal must consist of 4 parts.

1. Introduction:

In a few paragraphs explain the regional issue.  Where is it located?  Who does it involve?  What is the history of the issue?  How did it develop?  You will use your sources to help you write this.  Be certain to properly quote your sources and provide in text citations.

2. Research Question:

In one or two sentences state your research question.  Identify how it is related to the issue that you will research.  Be certain to focus your research question.

3. Maps:

Your finished project will include at least one map.  In this section, you will describe what maps you will use to answer your research question.  A map that simply locates your issue is not what I have in mind.

4. Sources:

In this section you will list 4-5 sources that you have already found that will help you answer your research question.  You will use these sources to write your proposal's introduction.  You will also find many more sources as you continue your research.