East of Highway 99


Before Friday, November 18th I want you to learn some more of the characteristic house-types and residential landscapes in Chico. Specifically, I want you explore the stretch of Filbert Avenue bounded by Rey Way on the west and Madrone Avenue on the east. This neighborhood has always interested me because of how it differs from Chico’s early residential and commercial core.  I would point out some of these differences but that would ruin your exploration and discovery.


We will not meet in class on Monday. Instead I will meet students on my bike in front of Bidwell Mansion at 2:00.  Students may also complete this field exercise with Google Earth Streetview.


I want you to characterize the residential landscapes along this transect.  Consider how they differ from what you observed in the South of Campus neighborhood and the Eastern Streets and Avenues.  You will need some basic information on which to base your description. So, utilize the questions below.


1.   In general, how do the houses differ from what you have observed in Chico’s older neighborhoods?  Identify the house types that are common in this neighborhood. Use your house-type guide to help you identify house-types: How about the blocks and individual house lots?  How are they different from Chico’s earliest neighborhoods?  Size?  Shape?  Placement of the house on the lot?


2.   Ornamental trees? Which species predominate?  How does this differ from Chico’s earliest neighborhoods?


3.   What examples of house as process did you observe? Describe them.


Do some of the same pre-field observation reconnoitering with maps and Google Earth that you did for the agricultural landscapes exercises.


Also, divide your observation into specific stretches of Filbert Ave.  For example:


1.   Rey Way to Downing Ave. 

2.   Downing Ave. to Moss Ave.

3.   Moss Ave. to Crister Ave.

4.   Crister Ave. to Madrone Ave.


On Friday, November 18th you will turn in:


1. Google Earth and map images on which you have written/drawn preparatory notes.

2. An approximately 750-word description of this neighborhood’s residential landscapes.  Be certain to explicitly explain how this neighborhood differs from Chico’s earliest neighborhoods. Also be certain to describe landscape variations within this transect.