Pre-observation map and image work.

1. Open this Google Earth kmz. On Friday you will observe the 11 sites indicated by the placemarks

2. Plot those 11 placemarks on a topographic map, which you can find here ( Type in Durham in the window at the bottom. Choose Topo in the top right corner.

Zoom in on Google Earth so that you can plot locations precisely on the maps.

3. Plot those 11 placemarks on this soil map from 1925.

Soil Map Explanation: Vl = Vina loam, Vf = Shallow phase, Vc = Vina clay loamVa = Vina clay loam adobe,  Sa = Stockton clay adobe.

4. Plot those 11 placemarks on this colony map.

Use the topographic map (corrected in 1978), soil map (1925), the colony map (1924) and Google Earth to answer the following questions about each site.

Site 1.

a. How many of miles of railroad track separate this site from where it intersects with W. 9th Street?

b. Which railroad?

c.  What is the area of the lot on which Vanella Farms and Tink Inc., but not Durham Pump, sit?

d. Please explain the orientation of those two businesses’ buildings.  Why are they slanted?


Site 2.

a. What is the elevation?

b. What is the architectural style of the house on the north side of the road?

c. How far off the road is that house (m)?


Site 3.

a. What is the high ground feature that you are standing on called?

b. What stream does it border?

c. How wide is stream valley within the levees?


Site 4.

a. What do the two polygons on the north side of the intersection represent? The polygon on the NW corner is shaped like a triangle?

Site 5.

a. What is the elevation?

b. Look at the soil map. What’s the change?

c. Use “Historical Imagery” on Google Earth (Look in “view”” drop down menu.).  . Go to August of 1998. How has the land use changed between Site 4 and Site 5 since then?


Site 6.

a. What is the name of the road you are on?

b. Was it here in 1925?


Site 7.

a. No questions

Site 8.

a. Have you been travelling uphill or downhill on Stanford Lane?

Site 9.

a. What is the elevation?

b. Why does Stanford Lane make that funky turn?

c.  Look to the south. Why is that pick-up truck elevated above the orchards to the east and west? 



Site 10.

a. Zoom out to an eye altitude of 4650’ (Lower right corner). What explains the curved line of trees on both sides of Taylor Avenue?

Site 11.

a. Set “Historical Imagery” on Google Earth to August of 1998. Zoom out to an eye altitude of 36,000’. What pattern do you see that matches with a pattern on the soil map?

You will turn this in on Wednesday in class. For real.