439 Field Trip Instructions. Friday, October 21.

House Type Field Guide. 
You must have a house-type field guide for this exercise. I made one for you. It is at this link.  Print out each of the slides.  Insert a blank sheet piece of paper in between each image page so that you have room for notes. Staple the pages together and bring the packet with you on Friday. You should bring your tree guide with you too.

During class time on Friday, I want you to continue to investigate the house-types of Chico’s original residential neighborhood and in the neighborhood to the east of the original central business district. Your mission is to find examples of each of the house-styles listed below.   You will have to cover more ground to find each of these.  To save you some time, here is a hint: You will find examples of most of the house types on the odd numbered streets east of the original central business district. And, you might also include Woodland Ave and the few blocks of the Esplanade just north of Bidwell Mansion in your search.

If you feel more comfortable not doing this assignment in the field, you may use Google Earth Street View to do your landscape observation. However, you might find that Google Maps is more useful because it is easier to find addresses.

The purpose of your field observation is simple:

1.    Continue to learn common styles of residential architecture.

2.    Continue to learn some of the common species of trees that comprise our urban forest.

On Monday, 10/24 you will turn in a list of addresses where you found examples of these house-types and justifications for each of your choices. This will fit on one or two pages.  You will also write down the locations where you observed 4-5 of the trees in the tree guide that I made for you and/or on this list. You will not turn in your house-type guide.

The exercise is due by 2:00 pm, Monday, October 24.  I will not accept any late work.  Students may do the field observation alone or in groups.  However, each student must turn in a completed project that does not duplicate the work of anyone else.

Here is an example of what I want.

Architectural Style             Address                                                        Justification

1. Flintstone Modern                       12 Bedrock Lane                             Flat stone roof, with large, circular picture window


Tree (Common name)                   Address

2. Stone Age Sweet Gum               12 Bedrock Lane


House Types                                                                       


Second Empire                               

New England Colonial                                                                  

Arts and Crafts                                            

Half Timber/Tudor Revival

French Provincial                


Spanish Colonial