GEOG 439        Ornamental Tree Field Guide Assignment                       

Use the Campus Tree Map as a guide to learn the common landscape trees below. You should begin by observing each tree on campus and learning its distinguishing characteristics. Then between now and the middle of November go out and practice identifying these trees off campus.  Write down the address of an off-campus location where you found each of these tree species. You might find it useful to search the web for tree identification guides.  Copy images of leaves and brief descriptions of each of the trees below and create your own field guide.  Try to find line drawings for your images. Bold = already in your tree guide.

Common Name      Latin binomial                           Native region                                             Location observed               

Incense cedar   Calocedrus decurrens     - Cascades, Sierra Nevada                                    ______________

Deodar cedar    Cedrus deodara                    - Himalaya                                                   ______________

Chinese pistachio                  Pistachia chinensis                - central and western China               ______________

Crepe myrtle          Lagerstroemia indica            -China                                                           ______________

Canary Island Date Palm        Phoenix canariensis  - Canary Islands                                                       ______________

California Fan Palm    Washingtonia filifera       - Southern California                               ______________

Flowering dogwood      Cornus florida                   - Eastern US                               ______________

Italian cypress               Cupressus sempervirens    - Southern Europe                                  ______________

Loquat                          Eriobotrya japonica            - China and Japan                    ______________

Yellow poplar                Liriodendron tulipifera         - Eastern US                                             ______________

Southern magnolia        Magnolia grandiflora           - Southeastern US                                 ______________

California sycamore  Platanus racemosa                       - Baja California to Sierra Nevada                     ______________

California redwood   Sequoia sempervirens    - Pacific “fog belt”                             ______________

Sweet gum         Liquidambar styraciflua    - Eastern US                                                      ______________

European birch             Betula pendula                  - Asia Minor and Europe                           ______________

Ginkgo                         Ginkgo biloba                         - Southeastern China              ______________

Black Cherry*                 Prunus serotina               - Southeastern US                      ______________

Red Maple *        Acer rubrum              - Southeastern US                                ______________

Mulberry                       Morus spp.                              – China                                       ______________

Valley Oak         Quercus lobata                                  – California                                                 ______________

Southern Catalpa tree *  Catalpa bignoniodes    - Southeastern US                                      ______________

* = not on campus.