Professor Scott Brady's Migration Resource Page

US Census Bureau International Data Base:

         Basic demographic data for individual countries.

American Ethnic Geography:

Collection of choropleth maps that utilize US census data to show the distribution of various ethnic and ancestry groups and religions in the United States.


US Census Bureau:

Special report from 2000 US Census. Summarizes a sample of respondents’ answers to the question: “What is this person’s ancestry or ethnic origin?  Report includes a map that indicates patterns of migration.


Social Explorer:

This web-site uses data from the 2000 US Census in a manner that allows viewers to create maps that show regional characteristics of the US population. Go to “Data and Tools”. Then “Browse maps”. Choose 3 options: 2000 Census Tract, Asian and Hispanic Groups (percent), % Hmong.


US Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook:

         This resource includes basic demographic information about individual countries including the net migration rate.


New York Times:

In 2010 the New York Times premiered its migration learning module. The module includes the interactive Immigration Explorer Map, which allows viewers to track migration of specific groups to US counties.


North American English Dialects:


Pop vs. Soda:


Generic Toponyms of US Streams:




Pew Forum:

         The Pew Forum conducts regular surveys of the American public and publishes analyses of their findings, which include maps.


Harvard University:

Harvard University has organized historical materials from its many collections to highlight migration to the US from 1790 until the Great Depression. The timeline is quite thorough.


Public Broadcasting Service:

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) has produced several series that delve into America’s migrant heritage. The three listed below are hosted by Harvard historian, Henry Louis Gates.

Faces of America:

         Finding Your Roots:

         African American Lives:

Power Point Presentations


Asian-Cajuns and Commercial Crawfish Production in California


Migration Light



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